Complete guide to sending web push notifications for wordpress in 5 minutes.


Often times when bloggers or businesses send emails about their new service or posts they get lost among the other emails and never get opened up. You can change that by giving your visitors another way to check your content. There is another option called browser push notifications for visitors to subscribe to your website.


What is web push notification?


Web push notifications are push notifications for browsers. When a person visits your website or blog he is prompted a message on the browser to ask permission for receiving push notifications from the website. If the person approves and clicks on yes he will subscribe to the push notifications to that website. Whenever the site’s owner wants to share something he can send a notification to all the subscribers so they can check it out.

How about I tell you that you can enable this push notification subscription option on your website or blog for absolutely free.




The forever free account allows you to send unlimited push messages for 2500 subscribers which is a fair amount for any small or medium sized blog or website. Once you reach the limit you can upgrade.


I will tell you the exact steps how you can enable it on your website and it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Step 1:

Go to Pushengage – Free Web Push notification Service and sign up for the free trial and log in.


step 2:

If you are using WordPress then go to this link. Download and install the plugin on your WordPress site.

Step 4:

Go to  Pushengage Dashboard and go to settings->Get API key and click on Generate new key.



copy the API key and paste it into the login box of the plugin and click submit.




If you do not have SSL certificate installed on your blog, congratulations you have successfully enabled push notifications on your blog.

Although, if you have SSL certificate installed you need to do one extra step.


Step 5:

Download the package files from your pushengage dashboard and place them in your root folder.



Congratulations, now you can turn your visitors into your subscribers.

Here are some FAQ below


How many browsers does it support?

It supports safari(coming soon), google chrome, Mozilla firefox.


Does web push notifications work on mobile?

Yes, when you send push message, your subscribers will receive your message on mobile notification.


What will happen if I send push message and the subscriber isn’t online on the web?

He will get your push message once he opens his browser.


what will happen if i send multiple push message and the subscriber?

When the subscriber opens his browser he will see all your messages.



Shantanu Varun

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