How to create Viral Content (With Examples)

We always hear about this word called ‘ Viral ‘ on the internet.

So what does it actually mean by when we hear the phrase ‘ gone viral ‘ about any sort of content. I will teach how you can create viral content.

What is viral content?

When a piece of content gets a large number of shares within a short period of time it is said that the content has gone viral. Making viral content is every content creator’s dream as it invites a ton of traffic to their blog.

Here are some advantages to creating viral content:

  • It helps gain your blog a lot of exposure.
  • It drives bulk traffic to your blog.
  • Increases your subscribers.
  • Free social shares and Backlinks.
  • Brand recognition and Awareness.


Ok, now we know the benefits of viral content but, how do we create it? Contrary to popular belief that making a content go viral is requires a lot of luck, it is well proven that most viral content has matching elements to it. I will show you exact elements that you can use to create viral content for your business.

How do you create viral content


The main characteristic that separates the content that goes viral and the content that doesn’t is how it received by the audience.

Here are some of the characteristic you should use while creating your content.


  1. Emotional Appeal

Invoking an emotion when they dip into your content is must have the trait for making viral content.  It could be any emotion ranging from anger, happiness, disgust, fear, sadness. Appealing to an emotion helps to boost social shares. Invoking an emotion creates a powerful impact on the audience which helps them remember, for a longer period of time.

Although all types of emotion drive viral content, high quality is a better idea to use positive feelings instead of negative.

Some of the best examples of invoking an emotion through content are as follows:

1) Dancing baby loves to make her mother happy!



This video was published on 31st March 2014, it has now over astounding 120 million views.



As you can see, when people watched this video it invoked a feeling of happiness. This video was shared severely on all social media platforms and was also featured in trending section of youtube.


2) Creating Relatable content


when people see something that can relate to they are more likely to share it with other people.


Have you heard about superwoman aka Lily Singh? She is a Canadian youtube personality. Her youtube channel has 11 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views. She is one of the highest paid youtube stars.



She has an arts degree in psychology.  There is the reason that she is one of the most successful youtube personality which is she understands the power of creating content that people can relate too.

The majority of the videos she creates are relatable to the mass audience.




As you can see, her viewers can relate to her content on a personal level. This strategy is used by many other popular content creators such as Buzzfeed.


3)Simple as ABC.


Always make your content as simple as possible and easy to understand. As many people don’t have the patience to understand complex stuff it is always a better idea to keep it simple. The more the content is easy to understand the more it appeals to a wider audience.

Nothing compares to high-quality content which is explained in simple and understanding language.


4) Make it Visually appealing


Visual appearance changes the look and feels of the content. Making a piece of content visually attractive gives a positive feeling to it. Don’t shy away from using as many images, videos, and infographics in your content as needed.

A good infographic with right kind of data can help your content to reach a huge audience.

high-quality content, that will help you stand out from the rest. High-quality content consists of visual elements and quality writing.


5) Element of Surprise


Sudden unexpected content captures the attention of the audience. You can use catchy shocking headlines to attract viewers.

Here is one of the most viral advertise campaign of all time.


This advertises campaign is built on the whole concept of surprising the audience.



As you can see from the volume of views and number of likes, it is one of the most popular viral advertising campaigns of all time.


6) Current trend


Have you ever heard about an event and wanted to know more about it? yes right, we all have. When you make content that is currently in trend the chance that piece of content going viral increases. You can make a piece of content for a special event and publish it on a particular day.

For example,

You can make a video about “10 Things to do for your Mother on Mother’s day”

You can make this video and publish it on mother day.

Other than special days, festivals etc there are other trending topics. Here are some places you can find what trending.



List down the trends that come under your niche and start making content as soon as possible because there is a certain timing to it. Writing on hot topics is only beneficial if you make it on time, if you get late you might loose a wide number of audience.


7)Telling a Story


A story increases audience engagement with your content. A good story has a character which is relatable to the target audience. To tell better story research and study human nature. Study what emotions do they have when they see your content. Before publishing your content you can publish to a group people to see how are results with them.  Use their feedback to improve your content before publishing it.


That’s the reason you often see a story with a relatable character struggling in many viral marketing campaigns.



Creating Viral content isn’t an easy task, but if you keep trying to you can do it. There are a lot of content creators that have mastered creating viral content. Just keep on studying what works in your niche and repeat the steps.


Let me know in the comment section, what did you find useful from the post and some extra tips you if you would like to add.

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Shantanu Varun

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udaykumar - April 7, 2017

Nice Content. You have covered all the aspects that makes a post viral. Keep it coming!

Nisha rai - April 7, 2017

Nice content.

Sharon - April 8, 2017

Thats so good to know! I just started my blogging career less than a year ago but this s always useful!

drew - April 8, 2017

I’m still looking for something that can be considered viral worthy for small business owners. My blog is a local business promotion blog, but also has info that can be generally used by anyone regarding small business startup info, financing info, etc. I have tried some of the “10 steps” or “6 things that small business owners must do” to limited success. I will try some of your input, and see where it goes, thanks for posting!

Shelby @Fitasamamabear - April 8, 2017

Nice tips! The examples are super helpful and actually gave some great ideas. I feel like I style all my posts the same and could definitely work on the emotional front!

Anthony Ronald - April 9, 2017

Do you ever worry that viral content will drive the wrong audience to your site? Have you ever experienced negative or inappropriate posts from a viral post?

Gidokblog - April 9, 2017

So detailed, will sure bookmark this..

Gidokblog - April 9, 2017

So detailed, will sure bookmark this for future reference.

Kumin Kueche - April 9, 2017

Great content, definitely very helpful, thanks for sharing!

earn on blog - April 9, 2017

it is click worthy post, thanks for tip on viral content.

Tinkara - April 9, 2017

Amazing post! As a blogger, this post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


Rebekah - April 9, 2017

This was a really interesting, informative read. I’m definitely going to be implementing some of these tactics in some of my future blog posts. I was a casual fan of Lily Singh before reading this post, but I had no idea she had a degree in psychology! Now you’ve mentioned it, though, it makes complete sense with the content she produces, like you said.

Rabz Haq - April 9, 2017

Nice post. Good info.

Rose - April 13, 2017

Love these tips. I will definitely be using the Google trends page to try to help me create better content. I also am trying to incorporate more storytelling in my content as I agree that if people can relate to a situation you have personally gone through, they are going to take a higher interest in it and want to share it with others. Thanks for sharing!

    Shantanu Varun - April 16, 2017

    Yes, this is what I personally call ” This is os me ” effect. It creates an instant connection to the reader makes it wanna share more.

J.J.Joshita - April 14, 2017

So many useful tips. Keep up the good work 🙂


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