7 Tips to Create High Quality content

Why Quality content is important

The quality of the content is the first step to running a successful blog. The value you give to your visitors through your content is the determining factor of the success of your blog. It is a no surprise that google and social media shares favor quality over quantity. A great piece of content will be able to boost your google rankings.A good content can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd in the same niche.When you provide good value to the visitors, they tend to come back to your blog for other queries which builds a trust relationship.

I can write 10 pages to tell you why the quality of content is a crucial element in the blogging world and it still wound be enough.

I will teach you how you can create top notch content with tips below.

1. Focus on the headline

The headline of the post is the first thing the visitor sees. Writing the right headline will tell your visitor about what is the article or blog about. Writing the right and perfect headline for your content tend to increase conversion rate. Here are some proven tips to make great headlines.

  • Make your headlines extremely specific

Extremely accurate data driven headlines such as  Neil Patel’s “How to generate 195,013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads”  is very catchy and provides enough information for a user to click on it. It is not necessary to write these extreme specific headlines but it does have a good ring to it.

  • The one and only famous why and how’s

These are probably what comes to your mind when you want to find some answers on google. Here are some good examples.

“How to Make a Sandwich: 9 Steps”

“Why content is king in SEO”

“How to improve your Alexa ranking in 30 days or less”

(This gives the audience a definitive time period in which the task will be accomplished).

You can make some alterations to it by removing “to” and replacing it with words such as “i” and “you”.Here are some great examples you can use.

“How I doubled my traffic by following these easy steps”

“How I rank #1 on google”

“This Is How You Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs, According To Anthony Bourdain”

  • Listing a number

Listing a number in headlines makes it very lucrative and organized. An organized content is automatically more attractive to the audience as compared to others. Here are top ranking of google for the keyword “grow beard”.




As you can see that out of the top 5 results 4 of them are headlines are numbered list headlines. Also,  a friendly reminder if you are gonna use numbered list headline then keep the number in numerical form instead of word for example.

If you gonna write,

“Seven productivity hacks to learn under a minute”,

instead, you should write.

” 7  productivity hacks to learn under a minute”.

  • Sense of Urgency

A great headline has a sense of urgency to it. These type of headlines grab attention quickly. Here are some examples.

” Here is the quickest way to get abs”

“Fastest way to lose fat in 7 days”

  • Using current year in your headline

Have you ever searched for a movie trailer on youtube and clicked on the one which is the most recent.The same principle can be applied to blogs as well.

People tend to click on the content which is more recent. Since Technology changes and gets updates so fast It is always a better option to view the recent blog. Adding the year in the headline can make it more effective. Here are some good examples of it.

“How to start a blog – 2017”

“Best new gadgets 2017”


2. Writing original content

Writing original content is successful. Google penalizes sites which contain duplicate content. Writing original and unique content will let you stand out from the crowd.

More than 2.5 million blogs are published every day. It has become a necessity to stand out otherwise, you will just get lost in the crowd.

You can always experiment with your writing style see what works best for you.


3. Research, Read and Research

This is the only way to create top notch content. Many bloggers rush to make lots of content for their blog and keep their focus on quantity rather than quality. This is is the biggest mistake a blogger can make. Quality beats quantity every time.

In order to speak as an authority on that niche, you need to understand in and outs of it.

The more you research the better value you provide to the visitor.

Deep, In-depth content literally begs to be shared socially.

When you offer long in-depth content it shows your authority over the niche and builds a trust relationship with the blog.


4.Length of the content should match the depth of it

There is a crazy myth about SEO that Google always favor long content. Although it is partially true it is just only half truth.


Google favors the content which gives immense value to the audience. It measures the content with backlinks, social shares, bookmarks etc. The length of your content won’t matter if it has low depth.Try to keep it from point to point that is full of information.

People don’t like huge paragraphs so remove unnecessary words.



5. Be Precise in your Data and content.

The information you provide in your content should be extremely accurate. False numbers and resources will ruin your reputation as a blogger. Always be honest in your sources and data.

Also never hold back information, the more information about the topic the better the value you give to your audience. It also shows your mastery over the niche.

6. Convey better message with Images, Videos, and Infographics.

Create visual content by adding images, videos into the post. It appeals to the audience and gives good a feeling about it. People remember better a blog post with images and videos have more shares than just text content.

Have you ever seen a kids book? It’s full of photos and less text. It makes very appealing to kids and helps them understand better. The same principle can be applied to blogs. Adding visual content can it much more engaging and help increase social shares.

Don’t shy away from putting images and videos in the post as often as needed. This will make you stand out from the blogger in the same niche.

Here are some links to royalty free images which you can use:

  1. https://www.pexels.com/
  2. https://pixabay.com/

You can use images from google image by going into advanced search selecting “free to use, share or modify even commercially” in usage rights

royalty free image


Here are some links to create free infographics:

  1. https://www.canva.com/create/infographics/
  2. https://venngage.com/
  3. https://www.easel.ly/


Mixing up visual elements with text and you will have a beautiful looking, well structuted, great piece of content that’s ready to be published!

7. Write with simplicity and give Examples



As per the Albert Einstein quote, the better you understand the topic the easier the explanation should be.

Writing posts in simple language show your mastery in the niche and help build a connection with the audience. Avoid using complex words that may confuse the audience.

Giving examples helps your targeted audience to understand better.Sometimes when needed you can give both good and bad examples to give an even better understanding of the topic.






Shantanu Varun

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Lokender Kumar - March 20, 2017

Nice Post brother.
Keep the good work.

POOJA MITRA - March 29, 2017

This is so useful. I have saved it as my favourite Thanks for sharing. Am a new blogger. https://fromsizezerotowisehero.com/

Sumi - March 31, 2017

Great post. I’ll have to look into #6 items further. Thanks.

Dani - March 31, 2017

As a new blogger this was VERY helpful!

Amby Dot - March 31, 2017

I feel, you are practically worked out the points and shared your experience. Which is really good and keep updating like this.

Erica - March 31, 2017

Amazing post, yes create amazing content well structure is very important!
Thank so much for sharing it!

Jerry - March 31, 2017

Quite an extensive guide. Thank you.

Dusica - March 31, 2017

As a blogger this is very useful article, thanks for sharing!

shahin - March 31, 2017

Double thumbs up!!!

Rabz Haq - March 31, 2017

So useful.

Ella - March 31, 2017

Good advice – we’ll try to follow by using numbers… 🙂

Pilar Noriega - March 31, 2017

Great post, full of awesome tips… will definitely put them on practice, thanks for sharing!

James Smith - March 31, 2017

Really useful. I’ll have to use a few of these tips on my own blog.

Jade - April 1, 2017

Love this! So useful. I have saved to my favorites so I can return for reference.

Brittany - April 1, 2017

What great information!! Going to use this in the future!

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